TripAdvisor Review Cards for Hotels / Inns / B&Bs - A Great Marketing Tool

TripAdvisor review cards or guest review cards are appearing in more hotels encouraging guests to post feedback online. I think this is pretty smart.

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From what I've seen while helping customers track and manage guest reviews most of them are typically positive I'll put the number (unscientifically) at around 80%+ this in fact meshes with what Yelp suggests on their site now:

"83% of the 18 million reviews written to date are 3+ stars."

This makes some sort of strategy, like comment cards in rooms, to encourage guest reviews at your hotel, inn, B&B or rental property a good idea.

TripAdvisor review cards over time will improve your rank on the site.

Search rank (your position in search results) on sites like TripAdvisor,, AsiaRooms, Agoda, FlipKey and VRBO plus countless others is mainly determined by how many reviews your property has.

Back of the TripAdvisor review card from Dublin.

Hotels with more positive reviews make it to the top of the search results and are viewed the most. It's that simple. So you can see why more and more hotels are going to great lenghts to encourage customers to comment online.

Hotel reviews are fantastic for three reasons.

  1. Positive hotel, inn, B&B and rental property guest reviews are free marketing that drive bookings.
  2. More guest reviews improve search rank and help potential guests find your hotel on the major sites.
  3. Comments from satisfied guests protect your property / brand from the odd negative review. Comment cards can be used as organic reputation management at a much lower price than what the "reputation" services charge.

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