Detroit is on the rise again


After visiting the city of Detroit, my perception of it's general atmosphere has drastically changed. I do not see destruction, desolation and crime ridden streets. Maybe that is how the city was twenty years ago, but now that is surely not the case. I see a lively downtown metropolis teaming with entrepreneurs and young professionals looking to do their part in restoring the city to it's former glory. Dont get me wrong that will be no easy task, but I have great hope for the city. Detroit will never be a Chicago or a New York, but what makes it different makes it stronger and in many cases a better place for college students to move to after graduation.

Detroit is a huge city in terms of area, but the demeanor of it's citizens and the vibe of the downtown area reads small town. Small enough where I don't feel overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle, but large enough where there is always a cool event or something to do.

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As an aspiring entrepreneur, I could easily see myself calling Detroit home after I graduate. I would love to be part of a community of small start ups working to push their business as well as their community forward. Right now that is exactly what is going on at the M@dison building, where Dan Gilbert has created a workspace for tech startups. The building is a beautiful refurbished warehouse space that houses offices for companies including Texts From Last Night and Twitter. One floor is occupied by Detroit Venture Partners who backs seed and early stage tech startups with funds as well as providing office space in the building.

Just west of downtown, Phil Cooley owner of Slows BBQ has been a catalyst of change as he helps bring development to the Corktown neighborhood. Phil gives his time and expertise to help other businesses, in some cases even competitors, come into the area and set up shop. With a stronger community there will be better business, property values will rise and everyone invested in Corktown will benefit. Phil has worked to start Pony Ride Detroit which provides cheap space for socially conscious artists and entrepreneurs to work, share knowledge, resources and network. Listening to Phil talk and touring the Pony Ride building was inspiring for me to see creative minds working together with a goal to rebuild the industry of Detroit.

Detroit has come a long way in the past decade and things are only looking up. Detroit is the place to be right now. Detroit is on the rise again.

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