What is the Best Elliptical Machine?

I often get asked what is the best elliptical machine to buy? That depends on a number of considerations. First, what is your budget and is it in line with that kind of machine that you require to achieve your fitness goals. Second, how strenuous do you plan to workout. If you are going to exercise moderately a few days a week you can get by on a less costly machine in comparison to aggressively exercising every day.

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Third, how much do you weigh? If you are excessively heavy you are going to need an elliptical trainer that can withstand the burden of the extra weight, which means it needs to be fairly heavy and sturdy. Fourth, how tall are you? You need to consider an elliptical that can accommodate your stride length, whether you are short, tall or average height. In addition, if you are a short female you want an elliptical trainer that has the footpedals relatively close together to prevent strain on your hips. Not every elliptical trainers fit all, and it is important to find a model that is geared towards your fitness goals and your physique.

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