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Going into the penultimate round of ALMS, Level 5 Motorsports had a 12-point lead in class. With 31 cars to race against, and only four hours to win, the team went in busy and stayed that way for the remains of the race.

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"I guess everybody who doesn't get pole position always says 'we have good race cars,' but we truly do have good race cars," said Jeff Braun, Lead Engineer for Level 5 Motorsports. Braun was confident in the cars at the start of the race. The Conquest Racing Team may have beat them before, but Level 5 Motorsports was prepared to finish on top.

After having to change tires after qualifying, Kansas City native Scott Tucker and co-driver Christophe Bouchut of France would start from the back of the grid. Scott knew it was all a part of racing, and was calm and collected at the back of the grid.

Christophe, driver of the 055 HPD ARX-03b car, had spent the previous day pushing his oft-successful aggressive style on the track, and survived a sudden spinout with the grace expected of a Level 5 Motorsports driver.

Level 5 Motorsports' driver Ricardo Gonzlez of Mexico got caught up in a spot of trouble with another car entering the first lap, but damage was minimal. The pit crew, a little over an hour in, would have to switch Scott out of the car and drop Bouchut in to seize a tight window for all it was worth in the race. Scott was able to swoop in from the back for the changeover, making for a speedy replacement.

In the end, Bouchut would incur a penalty for what was claimed to be an "avoidable contact," while Gonzlez, who'd finished his time at the wheel, was able to explain what had happened at the start of the race: the tires we're cold, and with little room to maneuver, a little rough driving was inevitable.

Ricardo's penalty for swerving to avoid another driver netted him a stop and go , and the race officials kept eagle eyes on the track for any penalties. Bouchut had feared the penalties would hurt them on the grid, but the team was rewarded with an excellent win netted by Scott and his Level 5 Motorsports co-drivers. Just like the sunshine, Level 5 Motorsports made their comeback at VIR that day. It was a breathtaking win for the team, setting them up with an excellent point lead to carry with them into the final round of the ALMS season.

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