Running a successful social media campaign...

Should your marketing/PR/advertising department always be the one to run the social media campaign?

In essence, no. Do many companies default to their PR person? Yes.

Not every PR professional is the same. Some are great with interacting with people with ease I call them "conversationalists." Some are great at strategizing. But it's the people that can do both at the same time that should head up your social media campaign and you never know, it might be the mail room guy who knows every little thing about your brand. Is this likely? No. Should it be? Yes, it should always be someone who truly understands your brand and strategy. The social media person should know backward and forward your brand, your image and what people expect from it. Sometimes, the PR agency doesn't know all of the information since the client only let's out certain information.

There is constant chatter that social media is replacing public relations. Egad. They aren't the same and never will be. Social media is a communication enhancement that can be used to solidify your brand, how it is perceived and receive feedback. It also let's you interact with others on an informal basis. You have to understand your audience and what is being said about your brand. I think this is why CEO's default to their PR person a good PR person will be able to research what is being said, understands the audience and should know a lot of information. But where a PR person might mess up is if they can't converse with anyone or respond to the negative. A laid out plan and strategy is great, but you must be able to execute it. You also have to be willing to change it if it fails, and admit to that.

Some of the best public relations professionals I know would make terrible social media strategists (I'm at a loss for how to describe the role at times.) Others would make great ones, as their strengths lie in conversation and relations. Social media is all about being yourself and you can be yourself with a brand twist.

Checklist for picking a social media person:

1. Know the brand

2. Knows what the company wants to accomplish with social media well defined plan

3. Discusses different topics, not just promotions

4. Interacts with followers no matter who they may be or what they say

5. Show a level of transparency on both yourself and the brand

6. Has a plan laid out if a crisis arises (PR 101)

7. Has practice through personal Social Media and understands the basics

This is not to say that a PR person would not be the best person to head up the social media campaign. But it should never be the default because someone at the company is not willing to fully understand SM. The reason "Well, our competitor is doing it" or "Everyone else is" doesn't ever fly in the business world so why should it here?

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