Steve Boothman - Registered Massage Therapist - Comox Valley, BC


Here is a list of some of the teachers and techniques that I have studied, please have a look at their websites for further information.

Hurley Osborn Technique

Hurley/Osborn brings symmetry to long standing painful structural complaints through very subtle forces applied to the sacrum, (the bone at the body's centre of gravity). Forces are corrected using specific bio-feedback points on the body. "Lack of symmetry in the body demonstrates the degree of distortion in the bones, joints and tissues in order to keep the structure balanced around the center line of gravity. When normal function is interfered with, congestion and malfunction result." Dr. Osborn co-founder of Hurley/Osborn

Fascial Manipulation

Fascial Manipulation Technique was developed by Luigi Stecco at the University of Padova Italy. This technique treats muscle and joint pain, discomfort and disability by assessing and treating restrictions within the deep fascial systems of the body. This is done by manually manipulating very specific points within the fascial tissue of the body where muscular forces converge to move body parts. The technique seeks to restore balance within the fascial system allowing the body to then efficiently begin the healing process.


NST (Neurostructural Integration Technique) is a form of Bowen Therapy and uses a unique set of rolling type maneuvers to help your entire body self regulate. This results in fast and effective pain relief combined with increased energy levels and better health. This method of pain relief causes the patient to relax deeply. Relaxation is followed by a spontaneous automatic correction within the muscular, nervous, visceral and endocrine systems.


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